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Culture Exploration: The Maps

Culture is hard The culture of a group can be a tricky thing to architect. Behind every dysfunctional company culture lay the shreds of good intentions. Sometimes a good culture comes together with heavy doses of luck and serendipity. That's when you get too scared to make any changes¬†because you don't know how it came… Continue reading Culture Exploration: The Maps


Laying Down on the Job – Smallifying to Gain Momentum

Do you ever feel like the harder you push yourself, the less movement you actually create? Or maybe you have an amazing, innovative and creative idea that just never seems to pick up momentum? You may have physics to blame. Take a minute and 21 seconds to¬†watch this video of Michael Guerra. It feels… Continue reading Laying Down on the Job – Smallifying to Gain Momentum

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7 Mechanics of Innovation

A game is a series of interesting choices. - Sid Meier A common game design framework is called MDA, or Mechanics - Dynamics - Aesthetics. Players experience it back to front; from feelings (Aesthetics) through how they interact with the game (Dynamics) due to the rules (Mechanics). Game designers, however, create the game by starting… Continue reading 7 Mechanics of Innovation

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Growing a Culture of Innovation

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust. -Gertrude Jekyll My dad was a football coach and told me that what you see your team do in the game is either a product of your coaching, or bad habits you… Continue reading Growing a Culture of Innovation


I Learned What’s Wrong with Innovation from Reading Children’s Books

I love reading books to my kids. So many characters and so many fun voices I get to use. My goal is to make these stories come to life and have them feel the drama when Elephant and Piggie trick the reader into saying the word banana out loud. (Mo Willems, if you're reading this,… Continue reading I Learned What’s Wrong with Innovation from Reading Children’s Books