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But why is this important to me and Go Forth And Be Awesome? Read on…

On June 5th, 2016, I was put way outside my comfort zone, further than I’ve ever been before. 

Jasper was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes three days after his fifth birthday.

It was scary. 

Jasper was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA). He was drinking a ton of water and lethargic. His body couldn’t get at the sugar in his blood for fuel, so it was started to break down his fat way too fast. His blood became acidic. DKA is serious and can be fatal. I urge you to become familiar with the signs of Type One Diabetes in order to avoid DKA. (see the link at the bottom of this post)

Thankfully, Jasper received medical attention in time. And now he’s thriving in spite of Type One Diabetes. He was thrust outside his comfort zone and has handled it like a true champion. His spirit has never wavered.

There is no quit in this kid.

As a parent, a caregiver, often you feel helpless. You wish it was you instead of them. You wish there was more you could do, but sometimes all it feels like you can do is barely keep your head above water. But you keep on swimming.

I’d be very appreciative if you could do any of the below things.

  1. Become knowledgeable about the signs of Type One DiabetesAwareness is the first step. Please. For me.
  2. Pick up a rad t-shirt! Check out my Bonfire page where I have exclusive, limited-run t-shirts where all proceeds will come back to JDRF. All of them. T-shirts are only available for 21 days, but the impact from your purchase will last a lifetime.
  3. If you feel inclined, you can sponsor me through my fundraising pageEvery dollar you donate today funds research for breakthroughs to help everyone with T1D live healthier and longer until this disease no longer exists. And every little bit helps.

With your support, we will turn Type One into Type None.

Go forth and be awesome!