In the Hero’s Journey, there is a grand call to adventure that our unlikely hero answers… but what if the hero didn’t?

What if the hero didn’t believe in themselves enough to rise up to the challenge?

What if they feared failure to the point of trembling at the unknown?

GO FORTH AND BE AWESOME wants to make sure your call to adventure does not go unanswered. We’ll provide tools, techniques, and tips so that you can answer the call easily and with confidence.

INNOVATION- We will discuss what it means to understand your customer, how to prototype in a paper-and-shoestring manner, building minimum viable products, and points in-between. Failure and disruption will be welcome here because they become fuel for our awesome!

Let's go explore outside the edges of the map!
Let’s go explore outside the edges of the map!

INSPIRATION- This is the heart of the “go forth” part. We’ll talk about finding your flow, your internal gas pedal, where challenges are scary and exciting all at the same time. We’ll channel our inner coach, learn to call audibles in life, and keep our team going forward.

IMAGINATION- We will dream big and outrageous. We will push the envelope, hang ten, and take it to the limit because we won’t fear what is beyond. Early explorers often traveled past where the maps ended, so we’re going to be the Magellans of our Minds, the Lewis and Clarks of our Logic and Creativity, the Edmund Hillarys of our Hearts.

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