Seeing How the Sausage is Made

They say you should not see how laws or sausages are made. But what if you hope to make your own sausages? What if you’re a butcher’s apprentice and you know how to make sausage is going to be on the local butcher certification exam?

Then you better damn well see how sausages are made. Sorry, Otto von Bismarck.

The point of Go Forth and Be Awesome was to share knowledge. Frameworks, models, and methods I learned through practicing and researching innovation. Assuming that’s why you’re here, then boy do I have a Sausage-Making 101 course for you.

I have some people I am lucky to call friends, and we like to solve problems together. So much so that we thought we should make a regular thing out of it. And so we formed Kawe, our little group dedicated to solving a problem every three months. It’s nighttime hangouts and weekend work sessions. And it’s all going to be shared here, raw and unfiltered. Full transparency. We’ll share what we learn about the problems and process with you, to hopefully inspire your own problem-solving. It will also make us better at what we do. It’s a win-win.

I will bring you regular updates on our progress as Joe Greaser, Mike Jarrell, and myself tackle a new problem and take it through our process. It may blow up in our face, it may unexpectedly succeed, but we are going to push fast, fearlessly, and forward.

To see more of our progress, click here.

Go forth and solve problems!

– TD

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