A (Slightly) Different Way Forward

I can’t imagine anyone who drives and has not gotten lost at some point. We’re headed down a road and suddenly it becomes unfamiliar and we get that twinge in our gut. We’re headed the wrong way.

And this leaves us with two options: turn around to where we thought we lost the path, or to keep moving forward with an eye to getting to a familiar landmark. I’m one of the “Let’s keep going because I think this road connects up ahead” types… and if you’re reading a blog called Go Forth and Be Awesome… you may be too.

Sometimes, the obstacle in front of us, is the way we should go.

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” – Marcus Aurelius

I recently finished taking Seth Godin’s altMBA*, which is a super intense 30-day workshop… no, LIFEshop that has caused me to reflect and redirect with intention.

I started GoForthandBeAwesome.com as a place to house things I was uncovering, discovering, and developing tool-wise for innovation. And I think, as loose of a mission that is, I accomplished it. It’s that drawer in your kitchen that has batteries, like 4 allen wrenches from Ikea, a couple soy sauce packets and the key that doesn’t unlock anything… except this drawer was full of innovation tools. Certainly useful, just jumbled.

But also infrequent.

I’ll be painfully vulnerable here. I wanted to bring big ideas to you. And so I would get caught in my own head and not write because my idea wasn’t big enough, or so I thought. However, after reflecting on the altMBA and reflecting honestly and candidly on my assets… it’s not about the big ideas.

It’s about talking with you. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Each week, there will be a new post, still focused on processes for innovation, inspiration, and imagination, directly from my head to yours. But it’s going to be a conversation between us, and less lecture from me. There will be more questions than answers, because I feel that’s how most of us are anyways. And if you have answers, I ask you to reach out and let’s talk. I’d love for your voice to be as featured on here as my own.

So I’m hoping you’ll join me as we head down unfamiliar paths, together. I look forward to getting lost with you.


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