Trust and Growth

I remember picking the white, puffy dandelion off of its stem as a kid and blowing as hard as I could. I heard that if you could get all the puff off with one breath, your wish would come true. Little did I know that I was sending seeds off into the wind. Their own […]

Fundraising for JDRF

Every 21 days, we’re releasing a new shirt. Profits from each shirt will go to the JDRF Ride to Cure in October 2019. Get your shirt here. Also in v-neck. It’s a chance to make a difference for 387 million people worldwide and get a cool shirt in the process. But why is this important […]


Seeing How the Sausage is Made

They say you should not see how laws or sausages are made. But what if you hope to make your own sausages? What if you’re a butcher’s apprentice and you know how to make sausage is going to be on the local butcher certification exam? Then you better damn well see how sausages are made. […]


A (Slightly) Different Way Forward

I can’t imagine anyone who drives and has not gotten lost at some point. We’re headed down a road and suddenly it becomes unfamiliar and we get that twinge in our gut. We’re headed the wrong way. And this leaves us with two options: turn around to where we thought we lost the path, or […]


A Little Pause to Learn

Hey everyone! I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you for even finding me! Thank you for spending time reading, commenting, and following. I’m going to take a little pause to shift some energy in order to come back stronger. I enrolled in Seth Godin’s altMBA and it promises to be an […]

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7 Mechanics of Innovation

A game is a series of interesting choices. – Sid Meier A common game design framework is called MDA, or Mechanics – Dynamics – Aesthetics. Players experience it back to front; from feelings (Aesthetics) through how they interact with the game (Dynamics) due to the rules (Mechanics). Game designers, however, create the game by starting […]

Welcome Highbrow student!

We’ll start off with a flight of awesomeness, a little sampler spoon of ice cream before you go all in on a double scoop, chocolate-dipped cone. The portals below will give you a taste of what’s in store for you at Go Forth and Be Awesome.  Enjoy! – TD                     […]