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How In-N-Out Burger Became My Innovation Anchor

In the Spring of 2014, I traveled to San Francisco with some friends for a conference. I was raised on the West Coast, so any trip to California results in a required pilgrimage to In-N-Out Burger. It was a busy night at the closest In-N-Out and the dining area was packed with like-minded culinary aficionados. We… Continue reading How In-N-Out Burger Became My Innovation Anchor

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A Few Inches To The Left

Driving home on the final day of high school, I fell asleep at the wheel. I awoke only a handful of instants before slamming head on into a telephone pole. Luckily, in those spare milliseconds, I was instinctively wrenched the wheel to the left even though collision was imminent.  The officer at the scene looked at… Continue reading A Few Inches To The Left

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Innovating with the Uninterested

My kids send me strong signals all the time. For example, when we have broccoli or sweet potatoes, they respond with very strong signals. Unfortunately their signals are strong AND negative. One way we've tried limit these anti-veggie reactions is to get them involved in the meal planning. Like in meal planning, we should be looking for strong signals with prototype tests and sometimes the strongest signals come from the "Late Majority". See how you can turn their complaints into compliments.