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Vanity Metrics & Bathrooms: It’s not the size of your mirror.

Numbers never lie. However numbers can be misleading, even when they don't mean to be. Learn what vanity metrics are, why they don't help your cause, and how to latch on to actionable metrics instead.

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I don't know if you've had Oreo Thins, but they are quite different. I expected just less filling, but the cookies themselves were slimmer and crisper. It actually lends itself to a different experience. Now before you wonder if I've gone off on a cookie-fueled foodie rant, let me ask you this question: Are Oreo Thins an innovation?

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Open Your Doors Before You’re Ready

You ever have one of those ideas that floats around, just kind of dancing in your brain, eager to be released? You can coax the idea to calm down for a little while by saying "Ok, I'll let you out, but I have to have this one thing in order first. I want you to be a success!" And so your idea calmly sits while you prepare. It's not long afterwards that your idea gets anxious again, and you have to encourage it to calm down once more. And this cycle repeats. Why?

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Buckle Up for Empathy

Empathy is the the ability to understand and share the feelings of someone else. Yet often we ignore the feelings when presented with a "I want this" statement from a customer. Delivering what a customer wants is not the job of the innovator. Our job is to find what they need.

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Be the Theme Park of YOU!

Welcome to the THEME PARK OF YOU! Please tug on your seat belt to make sure it is safely fastened and please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. And also make sure to buy a hat as you exit through the gift shop!