Paint the Fence as a Beginner

Did you know that in the Karate Kid, Daniel wasn't the only one learning? Mr. Miyagi himself had much to learn, but that didn't stop his shoshin from forging a unique solution to Daniel's situation. Learn how to find your own shoshin!


Status Quo Dies Hard: With a Vengeance

The clock ticks down as our hero grabs the secret briefcase and kicks the evil mastermind sprawling to the floor. "Seems like you forgot to study the map with the escape routes!" the villain cackles. Our hero runs towards the walls of the mountain-top base and looks hundreds of feet down the cliffs to the ground. Seemingly beaten, it is usually at this time the hero saves the day. But in doing so he destroys the spark of innovation. Read on to find more parallels between action heroes and those that drag their feet in the fight against change.

Making the Fear of Failure Disappear

When I was a young mathematics apprentice, learning at the feet of some true numerical wizards, I feared the scarlet letter F would be burned into my forehead like many before me. F for Failure. My grades were good, my test scores were solid, and I picked up topics quickly. Yet I clung to my … Continue reading Making the Fear of Failure Disappear

This Post is Brought to You by the Letter T

Joseph Greaser and I were discussing an article on Gamasutra by Andreas Papathanasi. He wrote about Unleashing the Power of Small Teams. The whole article is worth the read because there are many gems. However I am going to focus on only one gem, The T-Shaped Person; who they are, what other letter-shaped people are, and how to branch out into a T-Shaped person.