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Write Like a Startup

While doing some freelance writing for indie studio, Mastermind Games, I found that strategies that work well for startups also help authors with their craft. I've accumulated four introductory tips to get you started.

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Motivation for the Goldilocks Zone

I have never met anyone that didn't have at least one quote that spoke to them deeply. I was lucky enough to be raised in a community of football coaches, so you could say that I have been marinating¬†in motivational mantras¬†my entire life. One that has been with me for as long as I can… Continue reading Motivation for the Goldilocks Zone

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I’m not dead yet!

I enjoy a good scary movie from time to time and zombies are everywhere. Zombies cause a load of difficult situations for folks. Imagine that you've just pronounced Steve* deceased, when all of a sudden, Steve sits upright and starts expressing his sudden love of brains. "My bad everyone" you might say sheepishly "I could've sworn he was a goner." Pre-mortems help us plan for failure, before we fail.

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Where did I leave that Grand Canyon?

Using averages is as good at preventing us from understanding our customer, as it would be at eliminating the Grand Canyon from a topographical map. Averages smooth out the peaks and valleys that our customers experience and obscure their true needs and usage from us.


Uphill Both Ways… A New Appreciation

Stories have been a human tradition since the spoken word was first uttered. They are how we have shared experiences, traditions, and history long before any of them were put to paper. They have the ability to capture the minds and imagination of young and old alike and they hold the power to mold, shape, and share knowledge. Yet one type of story, passed on from generation to generation, has fallen on hard times.